Open Letter to the Royal Mail

Dear Royal Mail,

Primarily the question in my head at the moment is how anyone can possibly justify the following:

  • Value of items ordered from abroad: $24.22/£15.52
  • Maximum value for the exemption of Import charges: £15
  • Total import costs billed to me without so much as an embarrassed smirk: £12.54

Not exactly high finance I know, but it is the principle of the thing that bothers me!  Including the so-called handling fee (the biggest rip-off of all!), that is approximately 80% import costs if I have my maths right and I fail to see how that can be acceptable under any circumstances in a world that is increasingly embracing globalisation.  For 80% import costs, I hope you put the box up in a good hotel and handled it with only the best silk gloves (I will expect the vacation photos at your convenience?) – and I would have thought at the very least some info could have been provided so I have some idea what I am paying that 80% for!  E.g. address and sender of origin, declared description of contents and maybe X-ray and CAT scan data while you are about it.  That way, maybe I wouldn’t get this ‘ripped off’ feeling quite so strongly whenever I am forced to import stuff from abroad.

We live in a world where borders are increasingly irrelevant and where the globalism of life is increasingly changing the world for the better – all of which might be called the first tastes of one of the most important stages in human development since we started farming.  Things are possible now that would have been unheard of only a few decades ago – such as the cross-pollination and inspiration of cultures and the ability to explore areas, concepts and objects that were previously denied to us.  It is a shame then that the boarders themselves and those involved in crossing them don’t seem to have heard of all this.

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